Blasphemovie of the Week: Alucarda (1978)

Incredibly, Alcucarda is available uncut on youtube. This will not last, so get it while you can. If you're unfamiliar with this surreal Mexi-trocity by Juan Lopez Moctezuma (who collaborated with Alejandro Jodorowsky on his first two films), I'll crib this description from wikipedia:

Alucarda is notorious for its extreme subject matter and themes, which includes that of Satanism, murder, demonic possession, exorcism, orgies, and lesbianism, among other things, within a religious setting. All of these things made the film controversial, especially for the time it was made. Because of its extreme violence, scenes of sacrilege, and perversely defiled religious imagery, it has gained notoriety among fans of the horror genre. Michael Weldon of the Psychotronic Video Guide said the film was "The strongest, most imaginative, and visual witch movie since Ken Russell's The Devils."

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