Futurechimp Theater: The Doughnuts

Coax your son or daughter into your vintage 1970's Kiddie Kartoon Theater, nail a sheet of plywood over the doorway, wrap the whole thing in sound insulation, then insert this week's videotronic film cartridge into the projector: "The Doughnuts" from 1963, which I'm watching for the first time since I was seven.

Part 2

Part 3


buddy hatchett said...

I don't use this acronym lightly... WTF? How did you see this and why do you remember it? I only made it through Part1... I was getting scared something hideous was going to happen involving that doughnut machine.

stexe said...

I fibbed; actually, I've only seen a few cumulative seconds of this so far. I'll sit through it sometime soon, but I'm still preferring to keep the warped memory of this movie, rather than ruin it with the re-viewing as an adult.

I saw it twice in 1976 as a first-grader. It was one of those 16mm films that circulated through the school I went to. I guess teachers showed it when they wanted us to just sit-down-and-watch-the-goddamn-movie-and-leave-me-alone-for-half-an-hour. My memory is that it ended on a scary note, with the unstoppable doughnut machine continuing to fry pastries into the doughpocalypse. I'm sure it's more innocuous than that, but I like to keep as much of my childhood morbidity intact as possible.

How you been, man? So good to see you back in the comment section of this neglected corner in the web.