The Best of Amicus: Part Seven

This, the seventh of ten Amicus installments on this blog, is a slight cheat; The Uncanny isn't from Amicus studios. However, it's a horror portmanteau film, it was made in the mid-70's, and Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence are in it, so close enough.

All three stories concern feline revenge, and they're all pretty solid, but the first one has the most cats in it, so let's go with that. Jump to 6:30 if you want to skip the framing device. Or you could just see the whole film, which I recommend.

 (and I did put this here before, a year or two ago in a non-Amicus post, but so what)

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The Best of Amicus: Part Six

From 1973's Vault of Horror (the second of Amicus' film adaptations of stories originally written by Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein for EC comics in the 50's), here's "Drawn and Quartered" starring Tom Baker. And if you know who Tom Baker is, then you are most likely a dweeb of the highest order.

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