Saturday Morning Stupefaction: The Lord of Middle Earth (1979)

About a million times more thrilling than the Hobbit movie. Referred by Kindertrauma.com.


Your Holiday Gift from Futurechimp: Screwballs (1983)

As you surely recall, last year's Holiday Movie was The Party Animal. So let's keep riding that wave and followup with Screwballs for this Christmas Eve of 2012. 

What else are you going to watch? A boring yule log DVD? This is better than that, I assure you. However, due to subject matter, it's not suitable for anyone chronologically younger than 17, or developmentally older than, say, 12.

Thanks for tuning in, that's our sign off for 2012. I would like to wish everyone, and especially all students and faculty of T&A high, a very happy and horny New Year.


Slithis: The Album

A more accurate title would be "the album for now"; this is my own two-hour playlist, compiled from four years' worth of material. Sometime in the new year, Clark S. Nova and I will put together a more definitive collection to try and sell via limited-edition flash drives and music download sites. So hear it free while it lasts.

Sunday Stooges: They Stooge to Conga


The Chicago 70's Monster Movie Post

Creature Feature (channel 9), a sublime montage of Universal Monsters:

Monstrous Movie (channel 32). The film of the evening is I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, which means that I watched this specific broadcast. I remember it well.

Monster Rally (channel 44), which did a number on my head as a six-year old:

Thing Theater (channel 44), with a theme lifted from funk band Rose Royce's soundtrack to Car Wash:

and of course Jerry Bishop, the original Svengoolie (channel 32), way back in 1973:

On a related note, thanks to Kindertrauma.com for recently posting my horror nostalgia confessional.


Movie of the Week, Seasonally Inappropriate Edition: Sleepaway Camp

The Ultimate Summer Camp Movie: more thrills than Friday the 13th. More poignancy than Little Darlings. More laughs than Meatballs. You don't have to be a sexually disoriented pubescent kid to learn all sorts of important life lessons from this great film. Share it with the whole family this holiday season.

Or, as an alternate plan for something more in the spirit, if you live here in the LA area, Black Christmas (possibly my single favorite modern horror movie) is playing at the New Beverly Theater tonight, so go see it on the big screen and support independently operated cinemas.