Hate Will Consum You

UCLA Film School's class reel looks a little sub-par this year.

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Building Sites Bite

follow the links to part 2 and part 3 (HT to kindertrauma.com).


Driller Killer

from Wikipedia:

Driller Killer was a low budget independent feature, with a cast of unknown actors, produced by Abel Ferrara's own Navaron Films company 1977-78. It was filmed on 16mm film and utilised Ferrara's Union Square apartment and adjacent streets as locations. It features many of the elements which became trademarks of Ferrara's later films. These include Catholic iconography, gritty urban locations filmed at night, an eclectic soundtrack combining punk rock and Bach, scenes of extreme violence and a religious theme of redemption, salvation and damnation. The punk rock band in the movie reflects contemporary New York punk bands such as the New York Dolls and Television.

I really really like this movie. It's more like an early Paul Morrisey film than a slasher. The apocalyptic 70's Punk Rock New York vibe is fantastic, and I get chills just thinking about the ending.

It's public domain, so you can get it anywhere on DVD for a dollar or two. Or you can click the above image to view or download the whole uncut feature.


Vegetable Soup

Remember this show? I barely do. I saw it maybe only once, and I was, like, six. It was a syndicated PBS program from that era of the mid-70's when everything had Soul Power. The opening credits animation has stuck with me:

And "Outerscope II" looked familiar:

And check out "Ranger Rescue". In just three minutes, it not only teaches self-reliance over consumerism, but also has something to say about what it means to be a parent:

And then there's this guy: