Questionable Movie of the Week: 'Vampirella'

I haven't heard of this until a few minutes ago. It was recommended by a friend who bought a VHS tape of it at a video store's going-out-of-business sale.

I found most of it on vimeo.com, but haven't seen it yet. The first few seconds here already look like trouble, with the title "A Jim Wynorski Film". Oh boy, a movie by the man who brought us "Deathstalker II". I mean, Roger Daltrey gets top billing, and Angus Scrimm is in it, so there's that, but still... how much of it can you stand?

Don't answer yet, because Part 3 is missing (presumably pulled by vimeo for having nudity or violence), but you get the idea. The other 3/4 is easily enough.

I don't know if I can do it. You're on your own, man.

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part 2

part 4


Message from Space

Hey cool, Message from Space is now on Netflix Instant Watch! Check it HERE.


Slithis Music Video

All the best parts from Planeta Bur (a Soviet science fiction movie in the public domain), synced up with a track from LDS10, the latest (and final) album under the LDS moniker.

We've changed our stupid name, so expect the LDS pages to disappear from this blog and my site eventually. I'm also in the process of uploading all of our music to my own website's server, as the divshare playlists have become too unreliable.


An Obnoxious Clip from 'New Wave Hookers'

No, this isn't a screen adaptation of an early David Mamet play, this is New Wave Hookers, Thee One and Only 80's XXX Classic!

(warning: although this clip contains no nudity or sexual content, it's still offensive in both language and overall idiocy)


Sci-Fi Sleazotronic Double-Feature

We have a couple of rough ones tonight, so put the kids to bed early.

9:00 p.m: Galaxy of Terror

With a poster looking like it was based upon a pencil sketch from the inside cover of a junior high student's trapper keeper, Galaxy of Terror delivers everything it promises. It's a refreshingly tasteless piece of exploitation cinema.

But all you ever hear about is the worm scene. Half of the items on the imdb.com trivia page reference it. For example, did you know that James Cameron, the second-unit director, shot that particular scene? Also, the worm was named "Maggie the Maggot" by the film crew. It weighed 1,000 pounds, and nearly crushed the actress beneath it. Also, "several frames had to be cut from the worm rape scene in order to secure an R rating. Moreover, the sound effects of bones breaking and snapping also had to be softened in order to appease the MPAA". Lovely.

But it's like the tree rape scene in "The Evil Dead", in that it takes too much attention away from the rest of the movie, and temporarily robs it of its fun. So although I'm not a fan of mutant-rape, the rest of the movie is entertaining trash, with lots of gratuitous, outrageous scenes. You get to see Joanie of 'Happy Days' head explode, for example. You also have Sid Haig, Robert Englund and My Favorite Martian. And the set design looks great.

You shouldn't be seeing this here, really. Go buy or rent the new Shout Factory DVD release instead, with hi-quality picture and lots of extra features. Also check out the not-as-good-but-still-excellent Forbidden World, also produced by Corman and designed by James Cameron, and shot on the same sets.


Why not visit our snack bar?

11:00 p.m: Inseminoid

Let the obnoxious title be a warning… this is second only to 'Faces of Death' as the sickest thing to appear in Futurechimp's Movie of the Week. In terms of both quality and taste, it's several grades below 'Galaxy of Terror'. But the intensity is still disturbing and memorable in a very unique way.

Director Norman J. Warren reminds me of a British version of Andy Milligan; a filmmaker with almost no talent, but he's still going to do the task with all the energy he possesses, as if he's trying to cough up a tumor. He ends up with incompetent but visceral films, with constantly agitated and violent characters and a nasty underlying contempt for humanity and repulsion towards sex. Check out his 1978 film 'Prey', if you can find it. Hardly any of his films are available on region 1 DVD. Anyway, brace yourself:


Party at Party Beach

A generous youtube member has given us just the party scenes from "The Horror of Party Beach", featuring the fabulous Del-Aires.