Mannequins and Monstrosities

In what we hope to be a trend, Futurechimp.com is pleased to introduce two exclusive new photo exhibits on our auxiliary hominid site, Stexeweb.com. In our latest galleries, F. Nocella documents the mannequins of Turkey and Peru, and J. Furmanski exposes ham-fisted taxidermy.

Call for Entries
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Terrors of Taxidermy


Leporidae Maximae

North Korea, plagued by years of food shortages and crippling economic sanctions, is putting its money on rabbits as big as dogs.

The hermit kingdom recently bought 12 giant rabbits from a German breeder whose 22-pounder was named "Germany's Biggest Rabbit" last year.

The breeder told The (London) Times "he believed that the monster bunny program ... was aimed at feeding the North Korean people rather than the 'Dear Leader,' Kim Jong Il, who is said to favor lobster."

Each rabbit provides 15 pounds of meat, including the internal organs, but the animals reproduce so fast it is conceivable that the North Koreans could be producing thousands of pounds of meat in no time.

If North Koreans breed the animals correctly, the 12 they already have could multiply to more than 1 million in just eight years.

One million monster-sized rabbits? Foolish humans. Behold your imminent fate:

Yakov Smirnoff joke: "In America, you eat rabbit. In Russia, rabbit eat you!"