Movie of the Week: Tourist Trap

I saw this two or three times when I was in the sixth grade (1980) via the cable TV hookup we'd just gotten at our house. In subsequent years I've thought maybe my age and inexperience with horror movies was the reason why I was so thoroughly creeped out by this film. But I revisited it a few years ago and found it to be as troubling as ever. Inexplicably, this surreal, transgressive and disturbing movie carries a PG rating.

But despite all the pediophobia-related trauma, Tourist Trap has a sense of humor. It would make a good double bill with Motel Hell for this reason. Plus you get Chuck Conners, the lovely Tanya Roberts (of Beastmaster fame), automatons, roadside tourist attractions, telekinesis, a Volkswagon Thing, a fantastic musical score by the great Pino Donaggio, and an ending that still makes my skin crawl. Don't miss it.

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Le Cochon Danseur

This magnificent work of motion picture art was originally made without audio, and I consider the tacked-on musical score to be not quite up to snuff. So, to crib a trick from the pages of Pizza Teen, I've offered three alternate tracks. They all clock in at or around 2:24, same as the film. 

You'll want to move the volume slider for the youtube window all the way down, hit "play", then immediately do the same for one of the three soundtracks of your choice. Try them all. 

And don't quit partway through the movie. Hold out 'til the end. That's when it really pays off boy, and you can take that to the bank.