Horror Featurette: Dreamhouse (1984)

This is the middle segment of a three-part British anthology feature entitled Screamtime. The first and third stories are terrible, as are the wraparound segments (shot in New York City, probably in the course of an afternoon, and probably by the U.S. distributor to make it more VHS-friendly). But this story is both concise and super-scary, better than anything I've yet seen from boring British shorts of the era like Tales of the Unexpected or Hammer's House of Horror.

Start at 32:00. 


Lance Ehlers said...

The moment beginning at 1:27:42 is the finest bit of entertainment I've seen in a long time. I wish every Beyonce video ended similarly.

pupating said...

account closed! inaccessible!

stexe said...

That's cause this post is 1.5 years old, and youtube uploads come and go. I've just updated for you with a more recent video.