Moe, Larry and Tor

Shemp Howard, the original and greatest third stooge, died in 1955. He was soon replaced by Joe Besser, and we all know how that went.

Also in 1955, Tor Johnson starred in Bride of the Monster. This fine video, which was uploaded by a youtube member nine months ago and yet has amassed only 145 views as of this writing (proof that there is no accounting for the taste of the general public), demonstrates the opportunity Moe allowed to pass him by. Tor Johnson might have been just the ticket the Three Stooges were looking for to revitalize their career.

Maybe it's because Moe, a short old Jewish guy, was intimidated by the 400-pound Swedish Meatball that was Tor. Moe was in charge of the act, and Shemp and Curly were his brothers, so he could do with them as he pleased. But slap Tor on the head a little too hard, and he'll crush you between his fingers. You must not anger Tor. Still, his natural timing, physiognomy and heavy accent could have been comedic gold, and well worth the risk to life and limb. Just keep a variety of artisanal cheeses in your pocket to treat his frequent tantrums.

On a related note, I'm selling this thing in my Etsy store, but who cares whatever.

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