In Search Of: Other Voices

"If plants can communicate, what are they saying?" Hold up, spaceman, you're jumping ahead of yourself. Perhaps you should posit the likelihood of the first part of your question before going further. But it goes much, much further, culminating in a researcher hooking up a plant to a polygraph and cutting his own hand with a scalpel to see if the plant responds, with encouraging results. Wow.

I watched this show all the time as a little kid, and regarded it as a science program, but that was before I could think critically. It's completely insane. But it's also very entertaining, and the synthesizer score by Rinder and Lewis is top notch.


Lance Ehlers said...

Please, for the love of God, record and post your cover of the In Search Of... theme.

stexe said...

You got it! A testament to God's love, coming soon.