Futurechimp Theater: Youth Suicide Fantasy

I've been waiting for this to turn up on youtube since starting this blog four years ago, and here it is. It's public domain, so you can also download it from archive.org.


buddy h. said...

This is amazing. I can't figure this out. Is this supposed to make me NOT want to be a rockstar? What is the story behind these guys? The mustache dude seems so gleefully excited as he describes these "loathsome acts".

Anybody want to start a band?

stexe said...

At one point they drop the observation that forced sex with crippled women, children and animals are in popular music videos. These two are deviants. If they feel comfortable talking about things like that, I can't imagine the sick scenarios going on in their heads.

And yes, if you're interested, I'm looking for additional members to join my Les Rockets cover band. So far we got me. Shaved head, silver body paint and love for Satan required.


Lance Ehlers said...

I noticed at around the 08:10 mark, they totally lost any sympathy I had for their good intentions, and I was simply eager to hear crazier and crazier rock 'n' roll stories. Did they mention the one about Stevie Nicks having roadies blow coke up her hooch? If so, I missed it.