Movie of the Week: Spookies

Click the above image to begin our feature film of the week, Spookies, still unavailable on home video.

Begun in '83 and tentatively titled Twisted Souls, the project was never completed and the footage sat on a shelf for three years. Another director then came in and shot some unrelated material to expand it to feature length. It makes no sense, and it's very dumb, but it has some great creatures and outrageous effects.

When watching this, remember that it's two projects spliced together. The 1986 footage is absolute shit,and the musical score is some of the most ambivalent synthesizer fumbling you've ever heard, but the original 1983 material is really good; a hilariously inept, but sincere, variation on The Evil Dead. Too bad it was never finished. But I understand that sitting through it can be a chore, so if you can't handle the terribleness of it all, a kind youtube member has edited the film down to eight minutes of monstrous mayhem:

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