1979 Weekday Afternoon Lineup


buddy hatchett said...

That Ultraman opening is brilliant in both audio and visuals. Struck me so hard growing up. The bizarre SFX paired with psychedelic oil swirl, cutting to hip, poptastic sing-along married to awesome silhouettes is so perfectly executed. I love that the backgrounds aren't just static flat color but are tinted footage of smoke. Genius. Love Spectreman and Space Giants, but didn't discover them til much later.

stexe said...

I always liked that "Pinball Wizard" theme to Spectreman's opening credits. But that and "Space Giants" were two shows so weird, they were kinda scary. Dr. Gori is one Futurechimp I hope to never meet.

"Ultraman" was the first show I was engrossed with. My dad finally caught a few seconds of it, and told me to never watch it again because it would make me stupid. The next day I pleaded to see one more episode, because it was the completion of a two-parter. He capitulated, and I was so grateful to see Ultraman just one more time.

Now it's all on DVD and youtube, and I haven't bothered to sit through any of it.

buddy hatchett said...

YOU'RE DAD WAZ WRITE. Dr. Gori truly is a scary ape, and it's not just that mask,hair-do or voice that's frightening. Whoever is in that suit moves in such a furiously spastic, yet controlled manner that I've long postulated that it feels less like a man acting like a gorilla, than an ape struggling to act like a man. I think there's a hideous secret hiding here.