Horror Anthology Mashup Super-Special

Dead of Night (1977) - "Bobby"

This is a less-known television anthology than Trilogy of Terror (1975) made by the same folks: writer Richard Matheson and director Dan Curtis. But like that film, it's the last of the three stories that's the most memorable by far. This segment was remade in Trilogy of Terror II (1996), with greater production values but far less creep-factor. It starts scary enough, then patiently turns the screw for half an hour.

The Offspring (1987) - "Swamp Renewal"

A chapter with some nice atmosphere and tight story in an otherwise lackluster anthology film. Start at 34:00.

Body Bags (1993) - "Eye"

The possessed organ transplant is a cliche that dates at least back to the silent era, and this follows the formula pretty closely, but it's still effective. Starring Mark Hamill. He's married to Twiggy. His doctors are Roger Corman and John Agar, and his boss is Charles Napier. It's a star-studded spectacular. Start at 53:00.

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