Movie of the Week: From Beyond (1986)


Lance Ehlers said...

By far my favorite Lovecraft adaptation,...in fact, it's the only one I enjoy. It' just so damn weird.

stexe said...

It's the most Lovecraftian, inasmuch as every character either dies or goes insane. Surpasses Re-Animator in every way: better acting, less stagey directing and script, better cinematography, and no corny gore-humor. I still like Re-Animator, but don't see why it gets more love than this one.

So many of his stories have been adapted... it's surprising how many of them suck, or are Lovecraft stories in name only. There are a couple of good TV translations, though: Stuart Gordon's "Dreams of the Witch House" for the Masters of Horror series is okay, and "Pickman's Model" and "Cool Air" from Rod Serling's "Night Gallery" are faithful (but could have used a bigger budget). But I was supposed to save those for next week's Night Gallery blog post.

Still hoping that Guillermo del Toro gets to make "In the Mountains of Madness". He's already spent years in pre-production, but last I read, producers bailed when he demanded an R rating for a high-dollar film.