The Ending of "Evilspeak"

Evilspeak (1981) largely consists of filler, but when the ending finally comes around, it delivers in spades. The movie made the Video Nasties list in the UK, maybe because of the extreme but cartoon-like violence, or maybe due more to the fact that's it's so righteously Satanic. In fact, Anton Lavey himself was an outspoken fan of the movie.

Slow as it may be, I personally enjoyed the whole feature. This is mostly due to my fascination with Clint Howard, a.k.a. Eaglebauer from Rock and Roll High School. Here he's a gender-reversed Carrie, the pariah of the military academy, the ultimate twerp, loathed by all students and faculty alike, simply for being a pathetic dweeb. Fortunately he's smart enough to program his computer to summon the dark lord Satan to straighten things out.

See the whole uncut thing on youtube here.

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