The Best of Amicus: Part Three

The last chapter of Amicus' last portmanteau film, The Monster Club, could be their high water mark. It's a truly creepy, Lovecraftian piece of horror.

The whole movie is pretty great, really. The framing segments with John Carradine and Vincent Price in the club are very charming, the stuff ten-year old boys' dreams are made of.

chapter 2/3
chapter 3/3


bh said...

Wow, what a gem! Loved the illustration montage back story. The score was on the edge of goof-prog at points but still pretty cool overall.

stexe said...

I really like the score. It's very ostentatious, but reminds me a lot of Mort Garson. It's especially nice during the illustrated back story.

"Monster Club" is alongside "Asylum" and "House that Dripped Blood" as one of my favorite Amicus films, even though it ends on a very sad note: the Pretty Things, one of my favorite bands of the 60's, trying to stay relevant by sounding like the Police over the end credits.