Saturday Morning Psilocybin


buddy hatchett said...

These Bakshi-era watercolor sunset suicide backgrounds and music are the building blocks of my psyche.

stexe said...

Bakshi has always been a hack, but he employed some great background painters. I sat through the entirety of "Fire and Ice" just to look at the backgrounds. And the titties.

Check out this episode, "Rollarama", from a little later in the series. He re-uses at least 3/4 of the animation cels from "Vine". Just a couple of the many episodes from the Bakshi-produced run in which Spider-Man travels underground to battle some manner of subterranean troglodytes.


pyraphonic said...

The subterranean LDS freakout episodes always entranced me as a kid. The talking flower dude in Rollerama was perfectly etched into my brain, in spite of it almost being 40 years since I last saw these.