Saturday Morning MindMelt


buddy h said...

Haven't seen an "In the News" segment for a looong time. Love how loud that arpeggio mantra is over the whole intro and how the arpeggio seems to break loose at the end. Amazing.
I almost entirely blocked the Monster Squad from memory and I'm not sure why. Love and remember the theme song, but I'm thinking now that I might have been outraged at the campification of my monster heroes. Have you seen any episodes?

stexe said...

I watched Monster Squad every week, but not since I was six or seven. There don't seem to be any full episodes online. And I was also disappointed, even at the time, that classic horror archetypes were being neutered, but it was the zeitgeist of 60's-70's pop culture (Addams Family, the Munsters, Groovie Goolies, Count Chocula, Paul Williams).

stexe said...

Also, I'll bet dollars-to-donuts that the "In the News" theme is one of the many TV commissions recorded by Suzanne Ciani and her Buchla.