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Aw look, my alma mater sent me a letter of appreciation for taking so much of my money all of those years ago and giving back nothing in return. They want to say they're sorry.

Wait a minute....

And there you go... a better work of art than anything I did as a Columbia undergraduate, and it didn't cost me $6,000 a year. I just needed a little inspiration.

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pupating said...

I just found out that my alma mater now costs ~$50,000/year.

stexe said...

Outrageous. But then, you went to a real school. Columbia had 100% open admissions (I had classmates who had dropped out of high school) and classes taught by grad students. There were two or three faculty that I really respected, and they definitely went above and beyond, but even they complained about how they hardly got paid. Total joke of a college.