Satanis: The Devil's Mass

The first documentary to make Futurechimp Movie of the Week status is this 1969 documentary on the Church of Satan. It focuses largely on Anton LaVey, who presents himself as articulate and affable, like always.

Bonus clip: Before assuming the role of the Devil's Pontiff, LaVey honed his bullshitting abilities while growing up as a carny. Besides his job as a mind reader, whereby he learned to manipulate the gullible (an essential skill for anyone looking for a career in religion), he taught himself to play the calliope. Years later, I like to picture him sitting at his organ, wearing his cape and devil horns, slogging through an evil dirge while a Satanic Mass is taking place, when he suddenly lapses into a carnival ditty:

Look at that dude's ears. I'm currently sculpting a bust of him, and I've already gone back several times to make the ears larger.

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