Blood on Satan's Claw

I don't consider this film to be nearly as accomplished as the similarly themed Witchfinder General, but you can find that film on Netflix, and you need to see it right away. This, however, is unavailable on home video.

Produced by the same studio that did "Witchfinder", most likely in response to that film's well-deserved success, this regards evil in more metaphysical terms. Witchfinder General is about corruption and authority, and leaves the actual existence of the supernatural (or, for that matter, of any sort of benevolent God) up to question. Blood on Satan's Claw, however, says yes, the Devil does actually exist, and he's taking possession of the world, one person at a time. It's lots of fun. See it before it's pulled.


bh said...

What UP? I thought you were on Fantasy Island??? I guess even Mr. Roarke can't compare with the Internette.

stexe said...

"Fantasy Island"? Sheeeeeeit. Been raining like crazy since saturday, and we just woke up to more torrential downpours. We didn't even leave our tiny little sugar shack for the last 36 hours. Nothing to do but watch old Hammer horror movies on youtube.