If you sat through more than five seconds of The Black Sleep, here's your chaser: SLITHIS. My dad took me and a huge car full of other kids to the drive-in for this fondly remembered movie in 1978.

Shot on Venice Beach in just 12 days, and boasting an impressive 1.9 out of 10 stars on imdb.com, Slithis The Movie isn't so impressive as Slithis The Marketing Juggernaut. The filmmakers rolled out the PR on this one, dressing up a guy in the Slithis suit to make personal appearances all over the country:

And when you entered the theater, you got a Slithis Survival Kit. To replicate the experience, print the below images on a half sheet of cardstock (both sides) and fold it lengthwise:

Watch the whole movie below in chaptered low-rez youtube frustrato-vision. Not available through netflix, but you can get it on a somewhat-affordable DVD from Code Red, distributors of other rare-but-essential films like "Beyond the Door" and "Stunt Rock". Check out their incredible catalog.

And thanks to this fine blog for the images.

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