A few weeks ago I went to a talk moderated by actor Daniel Roebuck (perhaps best known as the murderer from "River's Edge") about monster toys of the 70's. He screened this teaser (below) for a documentary he was working on, then handed out several unopened packages of "Scar Stuf" to randomly chosen audience members.

Looks like the film could use some more quality production, but anyone in their late 30's - early 40's should at least dig seeing these package illustrations again. Imagineering products were ubiquitous in the 70's. We'd buy them at the local supermarket. There were few things more thrilling than seeing "Vampire Blood" appear on the store shelves in early October, signifying the approach of the greatest of all holidays.

This was supposed to be an auction pick, but I can't find any imagineering make up for sale on ebay. So you'll have to make do with these photos.

On a related note, check out these proto-juggalos.

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