Zombie Castle

Based upon video evidence, I declare this to be the greatest dark ride in America:

Clearly there have been some revisions, but this ride dates back to the 30's! Read all about it at the always-superb laffinthedark.com.

As you might expect, you can experience this at the Jersey shore. Specifically at Rye Playland, where I haven't been. But I've visited the boardwalk at nearby Wildwood, which has several operating dark rides as well. I swear, I have to take a vacation out to Jersey this summer to check them out. What else should I do, wait until our prospective kid is old enough? They'll all be torn down by then!

I've been corrected by a commenter: Rye Playland is in upstate New York, nearly 200 miles north of the Jersey Shore.

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Unknown said...

Don't break out your acid wash jeans just yet - Rye Playland is in New York!