Student Confidential

I've been a huge fan of Student Confidential ever since I rented it at a Blockbuster in 1989, based solely upon the fact that it was distributed by Troma Films. But this is not the usual Troma fare; the trailer makes it look like an exploitation film, but it's more like an after-school special / morality play. With nude scenes. And lots of semi-celebrities: Marlon Jackson (Michael's brother), Eric Douglas (son of Kirk), Playboy playmate Susan Scott, and that woman from Nashville and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Words can hardly describe this bizarre work of outsider art. The film's star, Richard Horian, also wrote, produced, edited and directed (he also composed the soundtrack, which often sounds like someone playing a casiotone keyboard with his feet). He portrays a high school guidance counselor who goes to creepy lengths to help four students with their individual needs. This clip is more accurate than the trailer in capturing the film's heavy and sanctimonious tone:

When he isn't forcing life-changing decisions upon his students at work, he has problems at home with his fashion model wife:

It may seem inept, and it is, but stick it out; in the final reel the film takes a fascinating turn, culminating in one of the most melodramatic, off-the-wall endings ever witnessed. See the first chapter below, or if you have netflix you can stream it.

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The Shitty Astrologer said...

Wow, this is 80's cheese souffle is all over the place. I can't make heads or tails of it...