Seeing Through Commercials

Our fifth grade class saw this on 16mm in 1980. It made a big impression on me at the time, and still does. I hope schoolkids are continuing to be taught the fundamentals of critical thinking, a healthy suspicion towards propaganda, and the importance of keeping realistic expectations.


Lance Ehlers said...

The embedded video will not loadif the blog is viewed in Firefox. I've checked this on my work and home machines. Loads fine in IE and Chrome. Loads fine in Firefox if I view the video on the Veoh site. Might want to provide a link to the video on Veoh

Lance Ehlers said...

Nevermind. The issue is being caused by the link generated when I go to your blog from my igoogle feed. This is the fucked URL which is being generated which causes issues within Firefox:


stexe said...

I only use firefox, as all decent and God-fearing people should, and it looks like the video won't load when I go direct from my igoogle page either. And refreshing the page doesn't work. That's a drag.

But I don't often embed veoh players, so people can always click on the futurechimp title, or on the post title on the right sidebar, to get it going.

Lance Ehlers said...

That's only the first time I've encountered that error with a Veoh video.