Animatronic Cylons

I visited Universal Studios in Hollywood with my family in June of 1980, around my 11th birthday. The two big attractions at the time were "Battle for Galactica" and "Castle Dracula", both of which made a big impression on me, in a "this is thematically crappy but technically impressive" sort of way.

So this demo reel for the animatronics shop that created the robots for the park is quite a treat. They have a creep-tastic skinned cyborg as their logo, and the early 80's video effects are pretty charming.

Here's a more complete video of the thrilling 2-minute ride-through for "Battle of Galactica", which only employed a single live actor:

"it's not everyday you need to be rescued from alien invaders firing laser guns".
Actually, yes it is. Everyday. For you, at least.

More than you'd ever want to know about this can be found here.


Lance Ehlers said...

What a weird gig. I see stuff like this, and inevitably I think about a scenario in which I'm the actor playing the lone Colonial Warrior, and I'm suffering from the shits brought on by alcohol poisoning. But I HAVE to go on every 10 minutes, so it's REALLY hard running back and forth between the set and the toilet. Or maybe my girl just dumped me after 4 years, but I've GOT to get in there and blow up the fucking Cylons for the kids.

Matt Reoch said...

Oh man Stexe. I wonder if we rode this ride at the same time. This was a standout for me at the tender age of 8. I loved Battlestar Galactica at the time and seeing the Cylons live had such an impact on me... (Along with seeing 'The Real Jaws' - I might add).

stexe said...

I'd never seen Battlestar Galactica, but even out-of-context it was memorable. The highlight of the tour for me was seeing the exterior of the Munsters House (long since demolished).