Seventh Grade Yearbook

I rediscovered my junior high yearbooks a year ago, and was amused by the statements written in the back pages by my classmates. I've reprinted them here, being careful to preserve the syntax, and scanned the corresponding pictures of the signers. These are all from the seventh grade, 1982. Names have been withheld to protect the dorky.

Steve, don't be drawing anymore perverted comics, or you'll really be dead meat -SB

Steve learn to draw. May many orges (sic) be succesful you owe me 15 cents some friend only kidding, the great PD
my closest friend in junior high and fellow comic book nerd.

Steve, Don't have to much fun drawing dick man (this was one of my recurring comics characters) and get the titty this summer. Good luck in 8th you are a cool penis. - BH p.s. you ass is grass along with hitler.

Steve you are a strange guy just like me - JK

Steve, Defender really chews my quarters but TEMPEST doesnt - signed, Picasso (WT)

Roses are red violets are blue you are a disgrace to the human race. Good luck in 8th grade - RP

Are you sure you're not my clone? Let's disect a pig over the summer! - ES
biology partner. We cut up a frog over the course of days or weeks, and it really started to reek towards the end.

I hope you have an excellent summer long live Harley Davidson - MB
How cool was she? She shared my love for Heavy Metal magazine and The Ramones. She often wore an izod shirt, with the trademark alligator clumsily torn off and sewn back on upside-down, and with fake blood spattered onto it. (sigh) where is she now?

Steve, next year remember PENCIL and PAPER to class. MW
He had the misfortune of sitting next to me in math class, where I was always unprepared.

Steve - you draw very funny pictures even if they did get me in trouble a couple times. See you next year, KB
she had the misfortune of also sitting next to me in the same math class. I passed her comics I was drawing, which were sometimes intercepted.

Steve, It's been a great year! Even though I hated it! Ozzy Rules! Y.T.- LH
classmate since kindergarten.

Sting rules, soccer's the best, - AK

Steve, DONT rape old ladies over the summer - JN

have a nice summer, GR
way to keep it short, mr. next-door-neighbor-and-best-friend-since-we-were-five. We went on to get stoned after classes everyday from the 10th to 12th grade.

This psychopath threatened me with violence constantly, although he never delivered. On the last day of school he saw me with my yearbook and said "give me that. I'm going to sign it." I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant. His angry scrawl filled the entire page.

In closing,


Lance Ehlers said...

I recently brought my Junior High yearbooks to NYC with the specific intention of scanning and posting selected pages. But then I got cold feet because so many of the altered images are unbelievably foul and racist. For example, there a photo of one of the clubs. It's a big club with about 60 kids. There was one lone black guy right in the middle of the crowd, so I used white-out to add Klan hoods to everyone else in the shot. Even worse, I drew a big arrow to the black guy along with the words "dead shit."

stexe said...

Jesus Christ!

My junior high yearbooks were cheap spiral bound xerox paper, and even though the students were about 1/4 black, nearly all of them, in their photos, turned out to be totally black circles of ink with some teeth in the middle. Someone should've checked the exposure.