Lance Ehlers said...

A friend was made to watch a similar video by the same company when he went to work for Caterpillar in the 90s. The HR person actually let him borrow the tape so he could make copies for his friends. I have one of the copies. The video here is even more outrageous, though. I love how they frequently set the stage for tragedy with electronic calypso music.

Lance Ehlers said...

I thought THIS was an entertaining remix of the video.

stexe said...

I enjoyed the first five seconds, before the seizure kicked in.

I just spent a few minutes searching for classroom first aid movies online and couldn't find any. Remember these? They were extremely gory, apparently so kids wouldn't freak out when they see someone hurt, and will be able to apply the tourniquet or what have you. I saw a very nasty one in seventh grade and started feeling nauseous, but managed to stick it out. Another kid vomited on the floor... such a scene.