Futurechimp Theater: Condoms

blow-by-blow commentary:
4:17 - mr. fonzerelli barbarino bowser:"Yoo nevah bawt a condom befooah?"
4:25 - Terror at the Pharmacy, scored by John Williams.
5:04 - You know what your sex life needs more of? Animal intestines.
6:45 - you look confused. Should we use fewer big words?
7:30 - Can I at least stretch it over my head, like Howie Mandell?
8:12 - a Look Around You visual gag, during the "put it on correctly" narration.
8:52 - When you're done with that broomstick, dispose of the condom properly.
9:40 - after all that prep, you're backing out? You pansy.

Indifferent casting, a near-absence of medical information or statistics, greasebally names in the credits (which even give "thanx" to "the gang")... was this produced by the mob, which then sold it to schools and clinics under penalty of death? Or did someone get legitimately paid to make it?

Doesn't the theme of bewildered actors staring back at the camera remind you of that post-punk-nuclear-apocalypse-themed-porno Cafe Flesh?(n.s.f.w)

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