The 1979 Sears Wishbook

Someone has uploaded the entire catalog as a flickr set. You know the drill: if you're ten years old (in 1979), you always start at the back page and work your way forward 'till it gets dumb.

The Futurechimp wish list: any of the plethora of handheld electronics (pages 669-664), Big Trak (662), Zodiac Astrology Computer (659), Disco Pinball (637), Micronaut Rocket Tubes (616), Godzilla with Launchable Claws (613), Fantom 4 Hovercraft (605), Mighty Men & Monster Maker (566), and a Phono-Organ (499).

Just think of all the entertainment and education this site has provided you in the last year. Why not show your appreciation by locating one of these fine items on ebay right now? email our offices for shipping details.



Lance Ehlers said...

Yes, I owned a Starrider (shown in the photo). It was basically a modified sit-n-spin with a heads-up display and a bunch of sound effects. It's probably in my mom's basement. In hindsight, yes, it was one of the best toys I ever had.

Lance Ehlers said...

I dig the shirt on the left. It stylishly recreates that guy-who-just-got-blown-away-with-oily-shrapnel look that all the girls in the office have been talking about

stexe said...

I thought that starrider thing was a sled.

My actual gifts for christmas this year was the spiderman wall clock (page 178) and the aforementioned mighty men & monster maker, one of which is closing on ebay in a couple hours for a crazy sum of money. I never managed to hold on to anything from childhood. I don't have many regrets about it. I'm more into getting things I never had as a kid, like this item which I'm keeping an eye on.

Lance Ehlers said...

No, it just spun around in place, which was even better because it meant you could make yourself sick anytime you choose regardless of the weather.

I still have the mighty men and monster maker. Still has all the original parts. It still gets a lot of use from my nieces. It's a plastic toy which, hard to believe, was actually manufactured in the USA. I never imagined it would be worth much to anyone. If you would like it, I'm sure I could just send it to you. original box and everything.

stexe said...

Oh no, I couldn't possibly. But you might consider selling it. That one I mentioned previously closed a few minutes ago for almost $70, with missing pieces and no box.