Movie of the Week: The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue

A longtime favorite of mine, long before I had youtube, or even a home computer. I first found it as a  bootleg VHS dub of a Japanese laserdisc (dubbed into English with Japanese subtitles) at the hipster video rental store. To add to the cultural dissonance, this Spanish / Italian co-production was filmed in the U.K., and amassed 16 different titles from the various distributors around the world. I'm simply using my favorite title for this blog post. On Netflix it goes by Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, even though when it played theatrically here in America it was titled Don't Open the Window.

If you haven't seen this before, or even heard of it, then you might be surprised by the quality of filmmaking. This isn't a Lucio Fulci imitation, it's something more competent, even intelligent (it was also made in '74, years before Fulci or anyone else in Europe started doing Zombie movies, so I don't know of any precedents besides George Romero). Why it isn't more famous is a mystery to me, because it's excellent.

Extra Trivia: Edgar Wright allegedly used its U.S. trailer as the inspiration for his phony trailer Don't in the 2007 film Grindhouse. 

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