Movie of the Week: The Deadly Spawn (1983)

This charming little homespun monster movie was filmed in Gladstone, New Jersey for $25,000. I saw stills from it in Fangoria magazine and on VHS covers at the rental store throughout the 80's, but just experienced it for the first time here on youtube. It starts a  little slow, but picks up after the first half hour. Well worth your time, trust me.



FilmFather said...

Agreed. This is a must if you were raised on the low-budget sci-fi/horror splatter of the early '80s. Love how they took a chance and killed off a major character - though you find out via the DVD commentary that this person had other commitments and had to be written out of the film. (BTW, the special edition DVD is worth watching: Lots of extras and a fun commentary with cast and crew.)

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stexe said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll search out that DVD. I already want to see this movie again.