Moments with Ron Ormand

The Trailer for the much-loved classic Mesa of Lost Women (1953):

(this film is public domain, so you can stream the whole feature here)

Innocuous mother-to-daughter chitchat from Please Don't Touch Me (1963):

A representative clip from The Exotic Ones, a.k.a. The Monster and The Stripper (1968):

Shortly after The Exotic Ones, Ron Ormond survived a plane crash. As a result, he turned to Christian morality tales. The most famous, and by a long shot the most entertaining, is If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (previously plugged on this site). A collaboration with baptist nutjob Reverend Pirkle which has something to do with Jesus and Communists:

And a moment of Lynchian freakery from The Believers Heaven, another Pirkle movie:

editor's note: this is a re-post from years back. I'll be travelling for the next couple weeks and probably unavailable for comments, but selected recyclable posts will appear on a daily basis.

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