Jocko-Homo Heavenbound

The staff of Futurechimp.com are committed to presenting issues in a fair and objective manner, leaving it to you, the modern chimp, to make up your own monkey mind. We admit that friday's post was a little harsh towards creationism, so to encourage healthy debate we would like to direct you to a pamphlet entitled:

Jocko-Homo (Monkey Man), The Heaven Bound King of The Zoo

Self-published in Ohio from 1924 until 1944 (totaling about 93,000 copies) by B.H. Shadduck Ph.D., it is the most incendiary critique of evolution yet discovered. But be warned that it also has the potential to melt your brain. (click above title to read)

A highlight is halfway through, when he mocks the supposed chaos and ambivalence of evolutionary science by listing its supposed rules:

1- Be like your ancestors or be different.
2- The fittest shall survive and the unfit may live.
3- Grow big or stay little; either will help you survive or not.
4- That your family may survive, lay a million eggs or give birth to one.
5- Unused organs shall disappear or persist.
6- Rudimentary organs are what you have had or what you will have.
7- Win a mate by combat or not; it will help the family survive, or not.
8- Polygamy will help survival, unless you prefer to mate in pairs.
9- Fight your neighbors or unite with them; one way or the other will help.
10- Wear gaudy colors or avoid display, so shall your family survive.
11- Develop legs, wings, tail, horns, shells or not; they will help, or not.
12- Remember, it's a THEORY. Don't let any man see you MAKING wings out of warts or Adams out of apes.

If the above statements sound familiar, then you have decent taste in music. As previously noted, Gerald Casale was a student at Kent State who'd been using the term "De-Evolution" before he met fellow student Mark Mothersbaugh in 1970. But it was Mothersbaugh who owned the Jocko-Homo pamphlet and introduced it to Casale, and here the Devo embryo truly began to devolve.

After numerous basement tapes were recorded, Devo made the short film The Truth about De-Evolution in 1976, which lifts concepts and dialogue straight from the pamphlet:

David Bowie saw the film and convinced Warner Brothers to sign them to an album produced by Brian Eno. And it's all thanks to Jocko-Homo. So, after consideration, the creationists should always have a platform to express their theories. It's a lot funnier that way.

Revisit the Devo playlist here.

And because Futurechimp is filled with benevolence, we include this EZ listening version of their anthem "Jocko Homo", which they used to play as incidental music at their concerts:

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Rain Recommends said...

This is a great post! Thank you so much for this.
There is one little issue with your link to the Jocko Homo pamphlet: the image for pages 16 and 17 appear to be the pages from the Puddle pamphlet instead of the Jocko Homo pamphlet. Do you have the missing JH pages? Will you please put them up?
Thanks again. This is fascinating stuff & it is clarifying so much about the Devo song. And I am really enjoying your site.

p.s. I love the Jocko Homo "musak" clip at the bottom. Nice find.